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It's more blessed to receive
than to give.

At Priority One, we are men who have received help, and as a result feel grateful and compelled to help others. Our hearts beat to help men. We are grateful men whom God has helped and continues to help to walk in freedom and strength. We offer to men, the ministry of “getting unstuck.”


Here are some of the ways we are currently helping and encouraging men:


We offer recovery groups for men struggling with addictive sexual behaviors. The alarming statistic is that 75% of men in churches are struggling with pornography. 50 – 58% of pastors are likewise struggling, as are 30-35% of women. Clearly the need is overwhelming. We are doing our best to reach into churches and the community to help the men who will come. There are currently 15 men meeting in three groups. We are looking to start 3-4 new groups this coming February.


We facilitate the Wild at Heart Basic two times a year. 2022 was our best year yet, hosting a total of over 70 men between two weekends. This is a four-day journey of exploration into your heart. The weekend is life changing as God re-orients a man’s heart toward the larger story in which he finds himself. Many participants can testify to the power of this weekend. We offer counseling and mentoring. This year Tom counseled and or mentored over 90 different men. Most men have no one to simply listen to them. The ministry of presence is powerful and the counseling schedule is quite full.


We host the “Freedom Fireevery second Friday of the month. This is a non-structured event simply to promote fellowship among men. We enjoy the warmth and glow of a fire, roast some brats and get to know each other. Attendance this year has ranged from 6-25 men per month.


Finally, our ministry is largely focused around Freedom House – a historic facility in the heart of Thornton that we rent for the sole purpose of doing men’s ministry. Counseling, addiction recovery groups and Bible studies are featured here. This house is regularly prayed over as deep and intense ministry happens there frequently. Often, I’ve been told of the feeling of peace and God’s presence that resides there.


THANK YOU for your continuing generous support of Priority One Delaware Valley.


Your encouragement, prayers & giving mean more than you can imagine in the effort to connect men to the transforming love of Christ.


Blessings to you and your family this Christmas. 

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PS: Thank you for SHARING this page with friends and family in Delaware Valley who may resonate with caring for the hearts of men.

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