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Introducing Christ
into the lives of men.


Many men have never even been to a church, and thousands of others who are already church attendees are still largely disconnected from the Lord and from each other. In fact, sadly, most men claim they have no close friends. 

As a result of this isolation, many men are overwhelmed, tired, distracted, struggling in their marriages and families and are imprisoned by secret sin. This is certainly a far cry from the abundant life Jesus Christ claims He came to give us (John 10:10).

Priority One is a ministry devoted to introducing Christ into the lives of men, challenging them to make Him the foundational priority in every area of their lives.

We serve individuals and ministry leaders, equipping, encouraging and supporting them in their faith journey in tangible, meaningful ways.





Priority One Delaware Valley works with men on many different levels. Primary to our
mission is one-on-one mentoring and discipleship. We are committed to helping men
grow in their spiritual lives and finding victory over their areas of struggle.

We also work with local churches to assist them with planning and implementing men’s small groups and discipleship programming. As a counselor, Tom also works with men struggling with pornography and sexual brokenness issues.

tom wolff.png
Tom Wolff
Director of Priority 1 Delaware Valley


Tom drove a tractor-trailer for 21 years logging nearly two million miles. God called him from that career into church leadership, where he served as an executive pastor, youth pastor and counselor for 14 years.

Tom graduated from Cairn University in 2003 with a degree in Bible and a Master’s degree in counseling from Biblical Theological Seminary (now Missio Seminary) in 2008. He has maintained a private practice since 2008.

While working on his counseling internship, Tom worked with Life Counseling & Rehab After Work, gaining expertise in drug & alcohol rehab with adolescents & adults. 

His focus in addiction has led him to serve men struggling with pornography addiction & sexual brokenness as one of the predominant issues facing the church today and in the future. 

Tom has also led missions teams to Kenya, helping with water filter distributions, building projects and pastoral leadership training. 

Through Tom's diverse career, the common thread has been a passion to see men find freedom and transformation through the power of Christ utilizing one-on-one discipleship and small group ministry. 

Next to his relationship with Jesus, Tom’s greatest joy is his 47-year marriage to Cindy. Tom and Cindy came to Christ experiencing a dramatic conversion at age twenty-four. Their hearts beat for people to deeply know Christ and the freedom He alone can bring to broken marriages and relationships.

They are long-time residents of Thornton, PA. They love spending time with their four grown children and ten grandchildren.



Tom's Del Val Core Team:

Albert Cochrane, Jim Hall, John Heemer, Tim Keeler, Miles Orth, Joe Orso, Larry Si, Matt Steinruck & George Stewart





We strive to introduce Christ into the lives of men, challenging them to make Him the foundational priority in all areas of their life.

Our mission:

To encourage men to develop and grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We accomplish this through the dynamics and relational aspects of small group ministry and personal discipleship, while developing positive relationships and spiritual leadership qualities in their families, workplaces, churches, and communities.

Priority One is a relational outreach ministry to men – men in relationship with Jesus Christ which over flows into relationships with all others.  Founded in 1981 as a small local ministry in PA, today the ministry extends throughout several Mid-Atlantic States.

Priority One Foundation is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) organization, supported by the voluntary gifts of individuals, organizations, and local churches, and is audited annually.

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