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New Sexual Recovery Groups
Starting in Early March 2023

We will be holding two informational meetings:

Thursday Feb 16 at 7pm, and Tuesday Feb 21 at 7pm

Both meetings will be held at Freedom House

373 Glen Mills Rd, Thornton, PA.


Please plan to attend if you are considering a group,

know someone who may be interested, or just want the info.

We will be answering many of your questions

concerning the groups such as:

How do I know if I need to be in a group?
How long does it take to complete a group?
What materials will be used?
Where and when do the groups meet?
And any others you may have.


Please let Tom know if you are planning on attending.

Tom Wolff, MA, PSAP
(Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional)

will be running the meetings.


Tom has been
counseling men for 14 years

and his passion is to help men

find freedom from unwanted sexual behavior.


Please send Tom a text or email

if you plan to attend.


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