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Kenya 2019 - Day 12

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Chief Charles drinking the newly filtered water!

This was our last day to work on this trip. It was a fabulous day as we distributed another 530 filters today and then traveled to a school where we distributed clothes to 400 students – 185 boys and 215 girls. It was priceless to see them go put the new clothes on right over top of what they were wearing – they were so proud to be wearing them!

Overall, this has been a very productive trip in many ways. We have grown as a team and we have seen God move in many situations in our ten days here. We have been on safari and witnessed the glory of God’s creation on the game drive and pretty much through the beauty of this country wherever we went.

The final tally for our time here goes something like this;

· Dr Chris Williams saw 759 patients in four days.

· We distributed approximately 600 pair of glasses including 377 pair of prescription glasses and approximately 200 pair of readers.

· We distributed approximately 1400 filters which should provide clean water for roughly 7,000 people!

· We gave new clothes to 400 children.

· Ran fencing at the school and put windows in the new church at Gituamba.

· Helped build a house out near where we are staying.

· Hosted a two-day training for 26 pastors.

For a team of 16 I would say this was an awesome time here! On top of this some more children were sponsored by individuals on the team which means they can attend the schools they need.

Beyond the statistics and measurable things accomplished there is the invisible and eternal aspect of this trip which continues long after we return. I would like to highlight the events of the day with some photos and close out the log when I get home.

We will leave tomorrow for Nairobi and stop at one of our favorite women’s empowerment centers there to do some final shopping. We fly out of Nairobi tomorrow night and return home Sat afternoon. I’ll try to finish up with the epilogue soon. Thank you for following – wish you could have been with us.

Patiently waiting for filters.

First, some teaching on hygiene.

That is some nasty water - coming out clean and clear!

Bill drinks the newly filtered water in front of everyone - they gasp, then applaud!

We begin the clothing distribution at Solei - this is the area of the dam break last May which took the lives of 50 people.

This one fits!

Everybody is used to waiting in Kenya!

Are we handsome or what?

Every student also recieved writing books and a pencil.

Shorts or shirt?

One size does not fit all - thankfully we had many to choose from!

Sometimes you just gotta wear em right away!

By the time we finished, the whole school yard was full of color! What a day!


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