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Here goes nothin'

I have recently been told (by friends who don’t give a lick about my shortcomings or my mental health) that I should begin a blog. Yuk. Really? I mean, I get the value on one hand – marketing – branding – being just like everybody else - but as a professional procrastinator, I feel like I’m simply opening myself up to failure and I don’t currently need any more of that.

What even is “blogging” anyway and where did anyone come up with a name like that for writing about stuff you’re thinking about? Sounds more like a new title for coming in last at Saturdays 5K. “Dude, turns out you’re in the blogger spot today, so sorry – maybe next week will be better.”

In an attempt to educate myself somewhat toward this new venture, I Googled “blogging” – and it quickly became apparent that tons of blogging is simply done about blogging. I mean, did you seriously become a blogger so that you could blog about blogging? I feel dizzy.

Here’s the deal – I don’t know what I’m doing, ok? No idea. Hopefully, now you will have no expectations that I should ‘get it right’, whatever that means. Perhaps my ignorance will earn me a little grace. Oh, and suddenly I realize that I’m blogging about not knowing how to blog – I am blogging, right? I mean, I think I’m actually doing it – right now. Sheesh – it’s actually pretty easy.

Truth be told, I have been trained for this very moment. As it turns out, I took a course on this blogging thing a long time ago. While recently moving, I was going through some boxes of old papers and found my qualifications. It was way before blogging became cool – somewhere around eleventh grade I think. Of course, we didn’t call it blogging back then, we called it English Composition. Never mind what my grade was – I passed the course. I figure I should be ok as long as you don’t care too much about the small details such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

So, I will be trying in the coming months to put up a blog – my beginning goal is to post monthly – nothing too ambitious. My intent is simply to help, encourage, challenge and support men on their journey to knowing Jesus. I’m not a professional follower of Jesus, but I’ve been at it a long time.

I have helped raise four amazing children, am married for 43 years to the world’s most grace filled woman, have the best eight grandchildren, and I have had an interesting journey – as a truck driver (two million miles), counselor (10 years) and pastor (16 years). I am now employed by Priority One and it is an awesome opportunity to help men on a full-time basis.

So men, hopefully you’ll check in once a month and join me on my continuing spiritual journey as I attempt to come alongside you on yours.

That being said, welcome to The Men’s Room.

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